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"The Original Bridge Foot Style Barrier"

This model is also the most popular of the Barricade Rentals. While we rent all types of Barriers, Bicycle Barricades, Bike Rack Barricades, Concert Barricades, Event Barricades, The IN-301 & IN-312 have been the main choice of our rentals.

Jazz Festivals, Papal Visits, Super Bowls, NCAA Championships, NASCAR, and the list goes on...

The IN-301 has been the most popular over the years and is fabricated daily.  Our "quick-ship" service on our most popular models will have your event up and running fast.

Available in these sizes: 4' - 6' - 8' and 10'


Serving Fairs & Festivals with confidence for over a decade!

IN-301 in use at concerts every night of the week nationwide.

The 8' IN-301, it's been our most popular throughout the years,

always  ready to work for you in various situations.


Ideal for designating "NO PARKING ZONES" in parking lots.

The 4' IN-301 is ideal for the tight spots still needing security.

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Size Unit Wt.
4ft.L x 45"H 32 lbs.
6ft.L x 45"H 41 lbs
8ft.L x 45"H 54 lbs.
10ft.L x 45"H 69 lbs.


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